we need your helpWelcome to Preserve Hickory. Newly established in October 2010, Preserve Hickory is a non-profit organization that exists for the benefit and preservation of Hickory Hills. All profits from Hickory’s pictorial history, Light the Night, will fund Preserve Hickory to do just that – assure that Hickory Hills is preserved as originally intended, offering safe and affordable winter recreation to Traverse City area residents, especially children. Preserve Hickory collaborates with and enjoys the support of its valuable partners:
the City of Traverse City and the Grand Traverse Ski Club.

Do you have a Hickory story?

Do you or your family have stories or memorabilia – photos, patches, racing equipment or vintage apparel specific to Hickory Hills or the Grand Traverse Ski Club – from your experiences at Hickory Hills? If so, the authors of Light the Night, an upcoming book on the history of the ski area, would love to hear from you.

Post your own memories for all to see – visit this blog entry and leave a comment:

Our Partners

City of Traverse City Grand Traverse Ski Club

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